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I run a dairy farm, and this year has been quite hard. The work is never easy, but this year we've had to stretch the dollars further and work even longer hours to break even. I know a lot of dairy farmers are in the same boat. But we're an innovative industry, so I thought it would be useful to start a blog where we could swap ideas on how to maximise yields and bring down production costs on farms. The more we can share these ideas with each other, the better the whole industry will manage to get through the current downturn.

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Cleaning and Maintenance of Pool Filter Pumps — A Newbie's Guide

If your new swimming pool is to stay healthy and clear, it's important to keep your pool pump filter clean. Maintenance of the pump itself is probably best left to a professional pool service contractor. However, you can keep the pool pump filter in good condition yourself by following a few simple steps as set out below.

Stock up on replacement cartridges

For your pump to work efficiently and to keep your pool water clean, you will need to replace the filter cartridge on a regular basis. When the pool is in regular use during the summer, you should ideally change the filter cartridge every two weeks or so.

Make sure that you have plenty of replacement cartridges on hand and check with your pool supplies retailer that you have the right size cartridges for your make of pump.

Clean the filter cartridge daily

If you run the filter pump with a dirty cartridge, you will pump more bacteria into your water. In addition, a heavily soiled cartridge will place more strain on the pump and potentially cause it to fail.

You can clean the filter cartridge quickly and easily by removing it from the pump and rinsing it through with cold water from your garden hosepipe. This job only takes a few minutes and should be done every day during the summer season.

Inspect the filter cartridge for damage

While you are rinsing the filter cartridge, check it for wear and tear and for signs of damage. If the filter cartridge is ripped, it won't be as efficient, and broken pieces of filter could also get stuck in the pump, causing damage and failure.

Clean out the filter pump hoses

Over time the filter pump hoses can accumulate debris and gunge that can affect the efficiency of the system.

The filter pump hoses should be flushed out every week or two to keep them clear. Disconnect the hoses as per the pump manufacturer's instruction manual and blast a jet of water through each one using your garden hose.

In conclusion

It's important to keep your pool pump filter cartridges and hoses clean throughout the summer. Clean filters mean a more efficient and reliable pool pump, resulting in clean, crystal clear water that is safe for you and your family to enjoy.

For more information and guidance on how to maintain your pool pump, have a chat with your local pool service contractor.