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I run a dairy farm, and this year has been quite hard. The work is never easy, but this year we've had to stretch the dollars further and work even longer hours to break even. I know a lot of dairy farmers are in the same boat. But we're an innovative industry, so I thought it would be useful to start a blog where we could swap ideas on how to maximise yields and bring down production costs on farms. The more we can share these ideas with each other, the better the whole industry will manage to get through the current downturn.

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How Using a Mobile Sheep Dipping Service Can Benefit Your Farm

Sheep dipping is a vital method to protect your flock from diseases such as sheep scab and infestation by parasites. The good news is that you can hire a mobile service to dip your sheep rather than do it yourself.

Here are some of the benefits of using a mobile sheep dipping service.


Firstly, setting up the equipment and chemicals needed to dip your sheep can be expensive. The animals need to be fully submerged in the solution in order for it to work. This means that you will need a properly set up sheep dipping station that your flock will have to go through. You can save yourself the expense of setting this up by hiring a mobile service. They will have the station set up on the back of a truck, which will be ready for use as soon as they arrive.


Secondly, it will take time to set up such a station and fill it with the right chemicals. Time is always a precious resource on a farm and any way of saving it is a bonus. A mobile service will arrive with the sheep dip already set up and ready to use, and will also have trained personnel to move the sheep safely through it. This frees you up for other more important tasks that will need doing.


Thirdly, it is very easy to make mistakes when sheep dipping. If part of one animal is missed, parasites can survive and then re-infect the rest of the flock. Mobile services will include trained staff, who can ensure that the task is carried out fully and that the sheep are submerged for the necessary amount of time. They will also have the experience needed to ensure that your animals suffer the absolute minimum of stress and disruption to their routines.


Finally, the chemicals used in sheep dipping are highly toxic if they get into the wider environment, which could harm your land. It is vital that they are disposed of safely. A mobile service will ensure that there is no danger of contamination. The sheep will drain on the mobile unit itself so that they do not drip chemicals onto the land, and the service will then take the used dip away for safe disposal.

Hiring a mobile sheep dipping service is a convenient way of ensuring that your flock is treated safely. This will stop the spread of disease and parasites with minimal disruption.